Moon Knight: Fist of Vengeance Giclee on Paper Print by Alex Ross - ID: AR0333P

Moon Knight: Fist of Vengeance Giclee on Paper Print by Alex Ross - ID: AR0333P Alex Ross




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Moon Knight: Fist of Vengeance is a limited edition print created for the Alex Ross Fine Art Print Program. Featuring Moon Knight prepared to jump into action, the print was released for the San Diego Comic Con in 2022. Measuring 23"x13", the giclee on paper print was produced in a limited standard edition of only 50 pieces and is hand-signed by Alex Ross. This Alex Ross illustration artistically portrays Marvel’s multiple personality mercenary, Marc Spector a.k.a Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Mr. Knight. Much like the moon has four phases so do the four separate personalities of Marc Spector. Spector, a former marine and CIA agent turned mercenary, is Moon Knight, the revengeful vigilante who brutalizes criminals by night, is millionaire Steven Grant, who funds all the expensive gear that the vigilante needs, is taxi driver Jake Lockley, who keeps an open ear to what happens on the streets and is Mr. Knight, who takes over as the official representative of the vigilante, investigating crimes and consulting with the police and talking to people in need of protection. Moon Knight: Fist of Vengeance is an addition to a series of images rendered in a more minimalist style and includes Goddess of Truth, Kal El, Enigma, Batman: Defender of Gotham, and Strength. The print is elegantly presented with hand-deckled edges and is offered unframed.

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