Swarovski Crystal Sorcerer Mickey Figurine and Base - ID: dec22366

Swarovski Crystal Sorcerer Mickey Figurine and Base - ID: dec22366 Disneyana




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3.25"x1.75"x4.25", 4.5"x2.75"x3.5"
Price: $550.00
SKU: dec22366

A limited edition Sorcerer Mickey figurine and base. Featuring a gorgeous Swarovski crystal jeweled Mickey Mouse as Yen Sid's apprentice in the magical 1940 Disney film Fantasia, the figurine was manufactured by Arribas Bros. and sold at the Disneyland Resort. The underside of the figurine is numbered 0087. Measuring 3.25"x1.75" and 4.25" tall, the figurine sits atop a solid 3.5" tall crystal base. The piece is in fine condition and comes in the original box.


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