Ren & Stimpy Onward and Upward Rough Production Drawings - ID: jun22116

Ren & Stimpy Onward and Upward Rough Production Drawings - ID: jun22116 Nickelodeon



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A pair of rough character drawings from the SPUMCO Studios animated series Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon (2003-2004). Featuring Ren in baseball gear, and Stimpy wiggling his bum with a catcher's mit, the drawing was created at the studio and used during the animation process of the episode Onward and Upward. After airing on Nickelodeon, Canadian animator John Kricfalusi worked with Spike TV to "revamp" The Ren & Stimpy show to be more vulgar and tawdry than the original cartoon, the network aired 3 episodes in 2003 before being removed from the network, with the remaining episodes being released on DVD. Measuring 8.5"x11" overall and with the character image measuring 5"x6", and 7"x4" respectively, the drawings are in very good condition with general handling wear.


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